Thanks for the Feedback!

Thanks to all who gave feedback on the initial alpha version.
There was a problem that prevented AriesVerb from being recognized by a large number of hosts.
This should have been fixed. The current version, AriesVerb 0.1a, has been updated.
It was tested on these hosts:

  • Audition (Adobe)
  • AudioMulch (Ross Bencina)
  • Bidule (Plogue)
  • EnergyXT (Jorgen Aase et al.)
  • Fruity Loops (Dider Dambrin et al.)
  • MAGIX (Samplitude)
  • Minihost (Tobias Fleischer)
  • Tracktion (Mackie)
  • VST Host (Hermann Seib)
  • VST Plugin Analyzer (Christian Budde)
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