Multi-effects processor

AriesVerb is a mul­ti-effects proces­sor in VST for­mat with extreme­ly low CPU usage. Exam­ples of what it is capa­ble of include but are not lim­it­ed to:

  • Reverbs
  • Delays, Echoes and Reflections
  • Cho­rus­es and Flangers
  • Stereo Trans­for­ma­tions
  • Body Res­o­nances, Filters
  • Dis­tor­tion
  • Dynam­ics
  • Pitch shift­ing
  • FM effects
  • … plus arbi­trary blends and crossovers of any of the above

How is this pos­si­ble? Read on …

Be your own algorithm designer

AriesVerb is built on the «Feed­back Delay Net­work» algo­rithm that was used in hard­ware reverbs form at least the 90’s onwards. This algo­rithm is very gen­er­al, as many oth­er types of effects can sim­ply be cast as a ’spe­cial case› of an FDN.

So, instead of just employ­ing a some fixed algo­rithm (choice of delay length ratios, choice of feed­back matrix, etc) to give you a ‹designed› reverb, AriesVerb expos­es all aspects of the inner work­ings of an FDN to the user, in full gen­er­al­i­ty, and then adds com­pre­hen­sive mod­u­la­tion options and oth­er bells and whis­tles to it.

The result is that AriesVerb would allow you to lit­er­al­ly design your own reverb or spe­cial effect algo­rithm. At the same time, AriesVerb is still ded­i­cat­ed to its pur­pose and con­tains tight, hand-craft­ed and hand-opti­mised pro­gram code to give you a high qual­i­ty result at a very eco­nom­ic CPU load.

You could there­fore say, AriesVerb is a ded­i­cat­ed ‹delay-effect-con­struc­tion-kit›. But fear not: AriesVerb comes with over hun­dred pre­sets ready to be dialed in, all basics cov­ered. Inter­est­ed? Have a lis­ten to some sound examples:

Sound Examples


Type Feed­back Delay Net­work Effect Processor
Sys­tem VST 2.4 Plu­g­in, for Win­dows XP
Delay lines 4 delay lines, 4 taps each, freely configurable
1 µs (microsec­ond) to 1 s (sec­ond) length, interpolated
Reverb Time up to 10000× delay length
Matrix 4 input vectors
4 out­put vectors
4×4/16×16 feed­back matrix
Fil­ter­ing 1× Low­pass 6 dB/​oct
1× Peak­ing 6 dB/​oct
1× High­pass 6 dB/​oct
Dis­tor­tion Odd-har­mon­ics wave shaper, with self oscillation
Mod­u­la­tion LFO as sine, ramp or triangle
1× enve­lope follower
Pro­cess­ing Up to 788 float­ing point oper­a­tions per sample

Terms of Use

The Soft­ware is licensed for use by a sin­gle nat­ur­al per­son. You are allowed to make copies of this Soft­ware, includ­ing mul­ti­ple instal­la­tions and archival, pro­vid­ed that only you as the Licensee uses said copies. You are not allowed to redis­trib­ute the Soft­ware, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to, mak­ing the Soft­ware avail­able for down­load, or mak­ing the Soft­ware part of a CD com­pi­la­tion. You are not allowed to resell or rent your license with­out per­mis­sion. You are allowed to use the Soft­ware, for any artis­tic, sci­en­tif­ic or com­mer­cial appli­ca­tion, includ­ing music production.

License code, Watermark and Tailored Downloads

After your pur­chase, you will be pro­vid­ed with a license code. In a sep­a­rate email you will get a link to a down­load area where you can down­load the prod­uct. It is there­fore crit­i­cal that you pro­vide a valid email address dur­ing the pur­chase process. You will be able to down­load the full prod­uct and all fur­ther updates from this loca­tion. The down­loads are tai­lored to your license code will only reg­is­ter with a match­ing license.

100% Money Back Return Policy

With­in a peri­od of 30 days from the day of pur­chase, if this prod­uct is not work­ing for you, you can return your license for any rea­son and get a full refund. After return­ing your license, you have no longer access to your down­load area and can­not get updates. You are also required to delete all prod­ucts that you have down­loaded since.