Multi-effects processor

AriesVerb is a multi-effects processor in VST format with extremely low CPU usage. Examples of what it is capable of include but are not limited to:

  • Reverbs
  • Delays, Echoes and Reflections
  • Choruses and Flangers
  • Stereo Transformations
  • Body Resonances, Filters
  • Distortion
  • Dynamics
  • Pitch shifting
  • FM effects
  • … plus arbitrary blends and crossovers of any of the above

How is this possible? Read on …

Be your own algorithm designer

AriesVerb is built on the “Feedback Delay Network” algorithm that was used in hardware reverbs form at least the 90’s onwards. This algorithm is very general, as many other types of effects can simply be cast as a ‘special case’ of an FDN.

So, instead of just employing a some fixed algorithm (choice of delay length ratios, choice of feedback matrix, etc) to give you a ‘designed’ reverb, AriesVerb exposes all aspects of the inner workings of an FDN to the user, in full generality, and then adds comprehensive modulation options and other bells and whistles to it.

The result is that AriesVerb would allow you to literally design your own reverb or special effect algorithm. At the same time, AriesVerb is still dedicated to its purpose and contains tight, hand-crafted and hand-optimised program code to give you a high quality result at a very economic CPU load.

You could therefore say, AriesVerb is a dedicated ‘delay-effect-construction-kit’. But fear not: AriesVerb comes with over hundred presets ready to be dialed in, all basics covered. Interested? Have a listen to some sound examples:

Sound Examples


Type Feedback Delay Network Effect Processor
System VST 2.4 Plugin, for Windows XP
Delay lines 4 delay lines, 4 taps each, freely configurable
1 µs (microsecond) to 1 s (second) length, interpolated
Reverb Time up to 10000× delay length
Matrix 4 input vectors
4 output vectors
4×4/16×16 feedback matrix
Filtering 1× Lowpass 6 dB/oct
1× Peaking 6 dB/oct
1× Highpass 6 dB/oct
Distortion Odd-harmonics wave shaper, with self oscillation
Modulation 2× LFO as sine, ramp or triangle
1× envelope follower
Processing Up to 788 floating point operations per sample

Terms of Use

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License code, Watermark and Tailored Downloads

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100% Money Back Return Policy

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