Ariesverb FAQ


What does ‹beta› mean?
Accord­ing to the Soft­ware Release Cycle, beta soft­ware is fea­ture com­plete and only test­ed for bugs and sta­bil­i­ty. In this sense, AriesVerb is not even beta, because fea­tures have been con­stant­ly added in every ver­sion. Instead, here we adopt the col­lo­qui­al mean­ing of this term to sim­ply say that AriesVerb is still in devel­op­ment, and we do not feel it to be ‹com­plete› yet. This also means it is still amenable to suggestions.
If I buy the beta, do I get an upgrade to the full version?
Yes, the license you pur­chase cov­ers all future ver­sions of AriesVerb.
What does the water­mark do?
A water­mark is dig­i­tal­ly embed­ded into the down­loaded prod­uct, based on your
license infor­ma­tion. This means, your copy of AriesVerb is unique and can
only be unlocked with your license code. The water­mark does not affect the
sound out­put of AriesVerb.
What is the demo limitation?
The demo ver­sion is ful­ly func­tion­al except for the abil­i­ty to recall settings.