Ariesverb FAQ


What does ‘beta’ mean?
According to the Software Release Cycle, beta software is feature complete and only tested for bugs and stability. In this sense, AriesVerb is not even beta, because features have been constantly added in every version. Instead, here we adopt the colloquial meaning of this term to simply say that AriesVerb is still in development, and we do not feel it to be ‘complete’ yet. This also means it is still amenable to suggestions.
If I buy the beta, do I get an upgrade to the full version?
Yes, the license you purchase covers all future versions of AriesVerb.
What does the watermark do?
A watermark is digitally embedded into the downloaded product, based on your
license information. This means, your copy of AriesVerb is unique and can
only be unlocked with your license code. The watermark does not affect the
sound output of AriesVerb.
What is the demo limitation?
The demo version is fully functional except for the ability to recall settings.