Share*It is discontinued

For a long time, AriesVerb was pri­mar­il­ly sold through Share*It, but this is no longer pos­si­ble. At the time being, licens­es can only be bought at the KVR Mar­ket­place. All rel­e­vant links on this site have been updated.

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Feedback Matrix Wizardry, Part 1

This is the first install­ment in a series to pro­vide more back­ground infor­ma­tion on AriesVerb. There already exists the man­u­al (see down­load page), but the man­u­al is intend­ed to be a ref­er­ence. It tells you where the con­trols are and how to oper­ate them, but does not go much into the «why» of things. That’s where this tuto­r­i­al starts off.

The first chap­ter is about maybe the most enig­mat­ic aspect of AriesVerb: The feed­back matrix and it’s con­trols. The chap­ter is split in two parts. This first part (this part) is the the­o­ry and the sec­ond part will be the prac­tice. Con­tin­ue read­ing

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Reintroduction offer until end of June

Some peo­ple were pay­ing atten­tion and have already noticed that AriesVerb is cur­rent­ly sell­ing for less than it used to. Yes this is true, and it’s now offi­cial: To cel­e­brate the revival, AriesVerb goes for €99 ($109, £83, ¥11900) instead of €129 until the end of June. Get it here.

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AriesVerb 0.7.7 released, including support for 64 bit

Today I am proud to pub­licly announce AriesVerb 0.7.7 with sup­port for 64 bit architectures.

On the Mac, AriesVerb is now deployed as a uni­ver­sal (fat) bina­ry which will load seam­less­ly into both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts. On Win­dows, AriesVerb ships as two dis­crete dlls, one for each archi­tec­ture. Some improve­ments and bug fix­es have also been made. Check out the release notes for the full details!

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Homepage redesign

After a long time, the Ari­escode home­page has been redesigned. It is now pow­ered by Word­Press, the same soft­ware that I also use for my per­son­al blog at The Tenth Plan­et. Pre­vi­ous­ly, the site was using a mix of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript and made awk­ward use of inline frames to imple­ment navigation.

Well, no longer. The new site should be more search-engine friend­ly and dis­play nice­ly on mobile devices. Sound exam­ples are pre­sent­ed as a playlist instead of sim­ply being a table with mp3 files. I also con­vert­ed all the pre­vi­ous news items to blog entries (dat­ing back to 2004) so they can be browsed via the archive function.

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