Pianos and A Torture Test

Today I played around with running different sounds through AriesVerb (as I often do). I was surprised how strong the modulation already is in the default program “Temple of the Ancestors”. I played a—cough—free interpretation of the Pastoral sonata through AriesVerb.

Another notable sound I found functions like a torture test for algorithmic reverbs. It’s a machine gun! This sound can expose many a weakness, and make reverbs fail that sound flawless otherwise. I designed a forest-like environment for exactly this to sound good. This preset will be available in the next update, as it makes use of some new algorithmic features.

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Demo available

There is now a demo available of the latest version of AriesVerb.
The demo is fully functional except for the ability to recall settings.

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AriesVerb 0.7.1 released

It has been a long journey, and now AriesVerb advances to the next level. The improvements are many, and the space on this page is too short to list them. If you have been enjoying AriesVerb already, think of the new one as the old one, plus:

  • Graphic User Interface.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Multitap mode (high density).
  • More modulation options.
  • Preset Library + Browser.

The full release notes explaining each of these items are available on the product page.

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Beta test successful — new product page online

I am proud to annouce the closed beta test for AriesVerb has completed successfully. This was an important stage in the development, during which the new interface was put to the test, as well as the improved sound engine. It was possible to iron out many bugs and rough edges. Respect to all volunteers.

The current version is 0.7 and will be available over the next couple of days. There is already a new product page online with all the details, sound examples and the manual, here.

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